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Business & Investment Prospects

Kingston offers business and investment opportunities in a number of new and established economic sectors. Some examples include:

  • Information and communications technology
  • Biotechnology and health sciences
  • Tourism and culture
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Alternative or "green" energy
  • Environmental technology

The city is also home to publicly-funded institutions, including three hospitals, two universities and a community college, a number of government offices, penitentiaries and a large military base. These institutions provide direct employment to local residents as well as spinoff investment opportunities.

Generally, newcomers interested in owning and operating a business can participate in the local economy by starting a new business, buying an existing business or operating a franchise.

Staff at the Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) can provide information and advice on current business prospects in the Kingston area and available properties in business parks, industrial areas and downtown. Information on privately owned commercial and industrial properties and government programs to assist startup businesses can also be obtained through KEDCO (see For More Information links below).

A number of government departments provide free advice to startup businesses and other services such as workshops and seminars.

For More Information

Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO)
Information for businesses about the Kingston labour market, available properties, support services, programs and resources.

Invest in Ontario
Information about Ontario’s economy, business climate, municipalities, available industrial land, government incentive programs and government contacts.

Ontario Immigration: Investing
Information for potential investors about who is investing in Ontario, the types of industries in the province, researching business interests and resources and services to help businesses.

Franchising in Ontario —Tips For Buyers and Owners
Information about opening a franchise in Ontario, why franchising is popular, why companies offer franchises and Ontario’s franchise legislation.

Canada Business: Starting a Business
Information about developing a business plan, buying a business, choosing a business structure, financing, and choosing a location. Includes checklists and guides for starting a business.

What options do I have to start a business in Ontario
Information about starting a business, buying an existing business or starting a franchise. Includes links to sites with information about taxes, licensing, importing, exporting, and federal and provincial programs and services for businesses.

Canadian Company Capabilities (CCC)
This searchable database of 60,000 Canadian businesses contains comprehensive information on contacts, products, services, trade experience, technology and business opportunities. With hundreds of specialized manufacturing, service and product-specific business directories this tool can help connect you to buyers, distributors or partners.

Quality of Living in Major Cities: International Comparison
Comparison data for major cities internationally. Kingston compares favorably to Toronto and Ottawa for quality of life, which are themselves ranked among the top 50 worldwide.

Global Talent, Local Business 2011: Kingston’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs
A Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) initiative, this document profiles 13 entrepreneurs in the Kingston area. Coming from all corners of the globe, these individuals have established diverse businesses — in manufacturing, consulting, the restaurant and retail industries, graphic design, and social work — as part of making Kingston their home.

KIP Business Network
A Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) program for aspiring, new, and established entrepreneurs who have immigrated to Canada. The network meets once a month, and is an opportunity for immigrant entrepreneurs and business people to network and share experiences and insights. This group is also available on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Global Talent, Local Business 2012: Hiring Immigrants Works in Kingston
A Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) initiative, this document profiles the experiences of 10 businesses in the Kingston area that have hired immigrants. It explores the reasons why they did, what they expected and how the experience was a success and benefited everyone involved. All reasons why Kingston welcomes immigrants and why immigrants would chose to make Kingston their home.

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