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Co-op Housing

Kingston has a number of co-operative housing units in neighbourhoods throughout the city. The goal of co-operative housing is to provide affordable accommodation to residents. Some co-ops have government funding to offer rent-geared-to-income units for tenants on low incomes (see also Subsidized Housing).

Co-operative housing refers to homes and apartments that are collectively owned by the people who live in them. Members of a co-op set policy, make decisions and elect a board of directors. Co-operatives do not have landlords and depend on members to run the organization.

Co-operatives are usually open to anyone, but some cater to certain populations such as students or seniors.

For More Information

The Agency for Co-operative Housing
A non-profit agency that delivers federal co-operative housing programs in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Alberta and B.C.

Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario
An organization of co-operatives in Eastern Ontario that provides resources, expertise and training to co-op members.

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