What to Expect: Medical Exam for Canada Immigration

Have you ever thought of moving to Canada permanently or temporarily? With so many things to prepare for to get approved, the Medical Exam process is one item that can be easier for you. Quickly get approved for immigration by knowing if you are medically eligible to enter Canada. You must know your health status too. Learn everything you need to know regarding the Medical Exam for Canada Immigration. Understand who needs to take it, timelines, cost, requirements, and other procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Exams for Canada Immigration

The first step is to know if you need to undergo the immigration medical brampton exam. If you are looking forward to going to Canada, either for permanent residence, student visa, work visa, or a visitor visa, or plan to stay for six months or more. You have to go under specific medical exams and biometrics steps. 

When Do You Need It?

After knowing if you are eligible for the exam, you can either get your medical exam before or after your application. You take it even when your application is still in process. We must know the timelines of when it is best to take the exam according to the results and any follow-up checkups you might need. If you are getting the medical exam before your application, it is called an upfront medical examination. Visitors, workforce, and students or people who stay for six months or less can do an upfront medical examination. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Now we know if you need to undergo the medical exam or not. Next, we also need to prepare financially for the potential cost of this exam. Applicants need to pay for doctor’s fees, specialist’s fees, and any extra tests or treatment fees required. The Immigration Medical costs range from $160 to  $225, plus $45 to $50 for additional charges, click here to know more about it. You can pay for these during your appointment schedule. Take note that if your application is not approved, the medical fees are not refundable.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Before going to your appointment, make sure to bring a list of things to bring. Everyone should bring proper identification. Bring at least one signed government-issued ID with a picture. If you use glasses or contact lenses, take those too. You have to bring medical test result reports and a list of your prescribed medication for those who have previous or existing medical conditions. If you did not get an upfront medical exam, bring the IMM 1017E or the medical report form sent to you.

Can I Go Anywhere to Get the Exam Done?

It would be best if you only went to a specialist, doctor, or any immigration panel physician approved by the Canadian government. Not all medical professionals can do a complete medical immigration test for you. Feel free to choose the authorized panel physician of your choice. 

How Do I Submit the Medical Exam?

After all the tests, the physician panel will provide you with a documentation record of your results and send it on your behalf. The medical result is valid for twelve months from the day of examination. You can keep this document for personal keeping or use for other medical requirements. If you decide to go for an upfront medical exam, include a copy of IMM 1017B or Upfront Medical Record along with your application. If you choose to take the medical exam after your application, no need to send anything else.



It may seem that there are a lot of steps to take and things to take note of. Take each process one at a time. Understand what applies to your immigration entry. This medical examination is an essential piece of security to Canada. It prevents any contagious disease that may harm others and makes sure you are fit to take on your new venture. Now that you know what to expect for your Medical Exam, you are ready for your test.