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The Canadian Olympic Training Regatta (CORK), a week-long international sailing regatta, takes place every summer in Kingston and attracts sailors from around the world.

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Whether you're moving to Canada to start a new career, join a family member or improve your language skills, the transition to a different country can be overwhelming. You have many things to decide, including where you want to live and what you need to bring. It will help if you do some research before you leave.

You can keep track of the many things you have to do by following online or paper "checklists" that have been compiled specifically to help new immigrants. Using a checklist will help to ensure that important documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, school records, passports, health and vaccination records, are with you when you cross the border into Canada.

You can also use checklists to research your occupation, check your credentials and find out if you will require additional training. Checklists can also be helpful in deciding the types of clothing and personal belongings you will need to start your new life in Canada and what can be shipped later.

For More Information

Crossing the border: documents you need
Official Citizenship and Immigration Canada page with details on documents individuals and families need to have with them to enter Canada.

Ontario immigration: Before You Arrive
Information about housing, health care, finding a job, starting a business, studying and other topics of interest to prospective immigrants.

Ontario immigration: Documents You Need
A list of documents you must bring when you arrive and that you’ll need when you are living in Ontario. Includes information about Permanent Resident Cards, travel documents, Social Insurance Number (SIN) cards, health cards and driver’s licences. Links to Ontario government electronic forms site.

Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know
Information about what to expect during the first few weeks in Canada. In addition to information on Canadian laws and health care, it also includes how to find a place to live, get around your new city, work and go to school, and how to connect with your community and get help settling in Canada. The guide is available as a downloadable PDF or eBook as well as in print (hardcopy) upon request.

Job Bank — Pre- and Post-Arrival Steps
Lists for prospective newcomers who plan to work in Canada. One is a pre-arrival list of steps to take before leaving for Canada and the other is a post-arrival list for after arrival in Canada.

Newcomers to Canada — DayPlanner (Canadian Foundation for Economic Education)
A free online tool to help newcomers learn about Canada and plan their daily schedules as they settle into their new home. A hardcopy version can be ordered or a PDF downloaded from this site. Includes lists of key information, websites, lists of key agencies and organizations that assist newcomers and a section for feedback and questions.

Before You Arrive in Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
A video explaining some of the things immigrants should do before leaving their country of origin in order to prepare to come to Canada.

Arrive Prepared -- Settlement Online Pre-Arrival
Arrive Prepared is a website offered by Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA). It helps people who have received permanent resident status, but who are not in Canada yet. It offers free online courses and personlized sessions with an intake counsellor to go over settlement questions and be connected to local resources in Canada. SOPA is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

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