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Child Care

Canadian provinces have different requirements for child care and supervision, including when children can be left alone at home.

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Whether your children have immigrated to Canada with you or you are about to give birth, there are many things you need to know about having children in Canada.

Topics addressed in this section are:

  • Birth Certificates — Registering your newborn and obtaining a Birth Certificate. Details on what the process is and why you need a Birth Certificate.
  • Child Care — Child-care services and programs available Kingston. Why you might need child care and what your options are under the Ontario child-care system.
  • Children & Youth Activities — Information on the wide variety of competitive and non-competitive sports activities available throughout the year for children and youth in Kingston. Popular leisure activities for young people include music, dancing, theatre, arts and crafts, and nature programs.
  • Family Tax Credits & Assistance — Information about tax credits, programs and financial assistance available to families in Kingston and Canada.
  • Immunization — Immunization requirements for school-aged children in Canada.
  • Schools, Education & Language Programs — Information on education options in Kingston. What types and levels of schools there are, language training, and additional educational programs and topics.

Pregnancy & Childbirth

There are often health insurance restrictions and fees associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Whether it is OHIP or private insurance, make sure you are aware of what is and is not covered, so you can avoid unexpected costs.

Also be sure to investigate your health care options as there may be services available that you may not have considered.

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