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Cost of Living

"Cost of Living" refers to the average amount of money an individual or family can expect to spend on food, clothing, housing, heat, utilities, transportation and other basic expenses. In Canada, the cost of living varies from one community to another and is difficult to estimate with absolute accuracy. Every family encounters unexpected expenses, whether or not they are newcomers. The cost of food and other items also fluctuates.

Typical household costs in Canada are: housing, heat, electricity, water, food, clothing and transportation. Newcomers must also pay for health insurance during their first three months in Canada. Visits to the dentist, prescription medicines, some school expenses and long-distance telephone calls are other expenses common to many households.

If you have a job, your take-home pay will be reduced by mandatory deductions for income tax, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and employment insurance (EI). Some workers also pay union dues, medical and dental insurance or contribute money into a retirement savings plan, which further reduce the amount of money they take home.

Canadians are required to pay taxes on their purchases. The federal government collects a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) of 13% on the sale of most goods and services, though some are exempt.

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