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French Language Services Fair

ACFOMI hosts an annual fair (La Franco-foire) showcasing local businesses and organizations that provide services geared to Kingston's Francophone community.

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Emergency Services

Almost everyone is faced with an unexpected emergency at some point in their life. It might be a fire, an accident, a sudden illness or a civic disaster such as an epidemic of an infectious disease or a major train derailment.

This section has information on the types of emergency services available in Kingston and how to use them. It also has information about preparing for a civic disaster.

Topics covered in this section include:

  • Hospital Emergency Rooms & Urgent-Care Centres — Information on emergency rooms and urgent care centres in Kingston. When and how to access these services.
  • Ambulances & Paramedics — Overview of ambulance and paramedic services in Kingston. What is available, billing and how to access the service.
  • Fire — Fire and rescue services in Kingston. Includes details on how to report a fire, what to do in case of fire, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Police — The role of the police in Kingston.
  • Emergency Shelters & Assistance —  Information on emergency shelters and assistance programs for those in need. Includes details on crisis lines and hot meal and lunch programs.
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response — Information on community plans for unexpected emergencies and natural disasters in Kingston. What to expect and how to be prepared.
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