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Right or Left Side?

In Canada, vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road.

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Families are an important part of Canadian society. Newcomers with Permanent Resident status or Canadian citizenship can apply to sponsor their spouses, dependent children and other relatives into the country under a federal immigration program that aims to unite families in Canada (see Sponsoring Family Members).

This section has information about how to sponsor family members into Canada and the types of programs and services that newcomers can expect to receive after they arrive. It also includes information about applying for birth certificates and other official documents, and finding child care, schools and recreational activities for children and teens (see Children). Many programs and services are available to family members with physical and intellectual disabilities (see Special Needs).

Information is also available on activities for senior citizens and the types of accommodation and services available to older adults who can no longer live on their own or with their immediate family (see Seniors & Elders).

Many Canadian families own cats, dogs and other pets that are also subject to rules and regulations (see Pet Ownership).

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