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Child Care

Canadian provinces have different requirements for child care and supervision, including when children can be left alone at home.



Parents may opt to educate their children at home instead of sending them to a publicly funded school or other educational institution. Homeschooling is the legal right of all parents, including temporary residents. Parents who decide to take responsibility for educating their children should contact the school board of their choice in writing and learn about their obligations as substitute teachers. Parents may have access to curriculum resources that will help them teach their children in the home.

In Ontario, homeschooling is more common in the elementary grades, but many parents continue to homeschool their child throughout high school. Parents should educate themselves about the different approaches to home-based learning so they can decide on the best method for their child.

For More Information

Homeschooling FAQ
Answers to some common questions about homeschooling, including how to remove a child from the school system, the benefit of homeschooling and the qualifications of parents who opt to teach their children.

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