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Several taxi companies provide transportation service in the Kingston area. Taxis are usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as needed. The price of a taxi ride is calculated by a computerized meter located in the front of the vehicle and visible to passengers. The cost varies according to the distance travelled and a minimum charge is usually displayed on the meter.

Owners and drivers of taxi cabs in Kingston are licensed, regulated and governed by a Taxi Commission. To book a taxi ride, you must contact the taxi company directly. Taxi companies are listed in the Yellow Pages of the phone book under "taxis" (also see For More Information links below). Taxis can also be hired directly from the street if they are empty and not on call.

Most Kingston cab companies will take pets and those who need assistance (such as people with light, foldable, wheelchairs) on request. Some companies also have vehicles with child safety seats available on request.

Accessible taxis that can accommodate individuals in heavier or motorized wheelchairs or who have other special transportation needs are also available (see For More Information links below).

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