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The Google transit trip planner is an online tool that can be used to find the most efficient way to get around Kingston by bus, bike, foot or any combination thereof.

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Many of the external resources listed on this website are tools created by different organizations and agencies to help people find information or use the information they have: these tools can be interactive or may simply provide information in another format, such as video.

The following are lists of For More Information links found throughout this website, organized by type of tool. These tools cover a variety of topics and circumstances such as looking for work, reducing debt, paying for licenses, and others. The accompanying descriptions will help you determine which are the tools that might be most helpful for you.

  • Audio, Podcasts, & Videos — Resources available in audio, podcast, or video formats.
  • Charts — Resources available in chart or table format. These can include comparison or calculation charts.
  • Checklists — These are paper or online lists of items or steps. They can help you to stay on track and make sure you have all the materials required or completed all the steps in any process.
  • Directories — Listings of organizations and services. They are often searchable.
  • Factsheets & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) — Detailed information provided as answers to questions on any specific topic.
  • Guides & Handbooks — Description: Collections of basic or instructional information for a specific purpose.
  • Online Tools — Interactive tools or aps provided on various websites that address specific circumstances or problems. Anything from debt and wage calculators to registration and payment tools to job- and skills-matching tools.
  • Social Media — Resources on this website with a social media presence. Includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, renren, and YouTube.
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