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Kingston's size makes it an ideal city for walking. A government survey found that more people walk to work in Kingston than in many larger cities in Canada.

Many people also walk for pleasure and exercise. The city has a large number of parks and walking/cycling trails, including an eight-kilometre (five-mile) pathway along the waterfront. Kingston also has a number of free walking tours that can be used to explore different neighbourhoods.

Walkers (also called pedestrians) are expected to cross at traffic lights or crosswalks when crossing busy streets. Wearing bright or reflective clothing is recommended at night.

It's important to dress warmly in the cooler weather and to walk carefully on snow-covered sidewalks. There may be a slick layer of ice underneath the snow that poses an unseen hazard.

See the Activities & Sports section for more on recreational opportunities in Kingston.

For More Information

Cycling in Kingston
The City of Kingston encourages bicycling as a healthy and inexpensive form of transportation. Includes information about bike racks, bicycle trails and pathways, protective helmets, hand signals and the rules of the road, as well as a video on Kingston as a bike-friendly community.

Kingston Area Ferry Information
Detailed information about year-round schedules for six ferry boat services in southeastern Ontario, including the Kingston area. Has photos and large map indicating ferry routes. The listings include both those ferries that charge a fare and those that do not. Ferries listed are: Glenora/Adolphustown, WolfeIsland/Kingston, Amherst Island, Howe Island-County, Frontenac Islands, and Horne’s (Canada/U.S. ferry).

Commuting to Work in Kingston
Commute times in Kingston are compared with four Canadian communities.

Parks & Trails
City parks and trails available for public use listed by type: area parks — which are large-area multi-use parks; walking trails — some of which are internal to Kingston, while others pass through; and specialty parks — offleash dog parks and skateboard parks. There is also a city parks map that provides an overview of all the city parks.

Pedestrian Safety
Common-sense tips for pedestrians (walkers) and motorists on how to avoid accidents.

Active Transportation
The public health department and the City of Kingston encourage walking, biking, taking public transit, or any other physical means as an alternative to using a car. Includes a list of resources and useful links.

Kingston’s Waterfront Pathway
An eight-kilometre (five-mile) path follows Kingston’s waterfront that takes about two hours to walk from end to end. Trail access points, including which ones have accessible parking and pathway access, are listed. There is also a downloadable brochure with a map available.

Historic Walking Tours
Information on free walking tours in Kingston. Explore the city and different neighbourhoods, learn about local architects, follow in Sir. John A.’s footsteps, and investigate local Naval and War of 1812 historic sites. Includes downloadable maps and some audio tours.

Ontario Trails Map
Ontario Trails Council online mapping tool listing various recreational trails across Ontario. Find a trail based on location and activity.

Maps and information about recreational trails in the Kingston area that are good for hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing and other recreational activities. Includes links to conservation areas, provincial parks, urban trails, trans-Canada trail, waterfront trails and on- and off-road trails. Also has a downloadable Kingston Cycle Map of in-city cycling routes.

Canada WALKS
A program of Green Communities Canada that seeks to establish a culture of walking and create communities in which active transportation is safe, practical, and inviting. Can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

8-80 Cities
A Canadian organization that promotes walking and bicycling as activities and urban parks, trails and other public spaces as great places for all. 8-80 Cities is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour
A community organization focused on the enhancement, stewardship and preservation of Kingston’s Inner Harbour waterfront. Includes information about the association, it’s initiatives — such as creation of the Inner Harbour Heritage Trail, heritage preservation and historical tours — community events, how to become involved, a photo gallery, links, and contact information.

Snow Plowing
The City’s of Kingston’s “Winter Control Plan” outlines how the City responds to winter weather to help people, drivers and emergency vehicles move safely and efficiently around Kingston. Includes a general overview on snow plows and snow plow safety and winter parking restrictions, as well as a set of https://www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/roads-and-traffic/snow-removal/faqs.

Climate Action Tool Kit
A City of Kingston resource highlighting actions that people can take to help Kingston reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase our climate resilience. Includes suggestions on how to save energy and be more sustainable both at home and the workplace through food, transportation, and energy choices. General information is also included, as are useful tools to help measure energy use and GHG emissions from a variety of everyday sources. This toolkit was developed as part of the community-built Kingston Climate Action Plan.

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