Home Birthing For Your Dog: What You Need To Know

Our dogs may have an emergency situation at any time. This circumstance may be when your dog is due to deliver her puppies. Delivering may be a complicated situation, and understanding the essentials of this process could be an excellent benefit to the pet owner and your pet dog.

What Items Do I Have to Prepare?

Pet owners must be aware of when their dog is expecting. Obtaining the needed items for birthing in the house should be a priority in case we can not go to a vet clinic. These items make the procedure of delivering for your dog an easier and quicker process.

You would need to prepare a whelping box, a basket with a heating pad, and a blanket to move the newborn puppies to. Having emergency supplies like antiseptic wipes, gauze, cotton balls, and antiseptic solutions could be a benefit. Having these things will make a difference in these situations and make them a little easier to go through. You can search online for “puppy hospital in Tracy, CA” to see local clinics nearby.


The dog mom understands by instinct what they need to do. Pet owners need to carefully monitor the mom as she will start becoming restless, stop eating, vomit, and may have some discharge. You need to observe for a grayish sac to drop from the mom’s vulva. When this sac discharges, this would indicate the puppy should be out in a few minutes.


If no pups turn up after an hour when the sac drops, call your veterinarian as soon as possible to know if you should bring her in for emergency care or not. You also need to monitor if she needs help taking care of her puppies. She should get rid of the membrane immediately, but if she doesn’t, do it yourself, as the puppies will suffocate within a few critical minutes.

The placenta will follow after the puppy, so make sure you count it after each birth as it’s important she discharges them as it may be a cause for infection. We also need to remember that the umbilical cord must be cut, sealed, and sanitized.You can click here to learn more.


Puppies, after being born, must be placed in a basket where the mom can see them only until the whelping is finished. If you see any contractions without puppies appearing for more than 2 hours, call the veterinarian. Keep the puppies warm using a heat lamp, and make sure the mom is well-fed. 

If the mom can’t provide enough milk to feed the puppies or rejects taking care of them, you have to do it yourself. If all is well, make sure to arrange an appointment with your veterinarian for appropriate puppy treatment. We must take the mother to the vet after 24 to 48 hours to check for any complications or injuries from giving birth.  If you plan not to breed your puppies in the future, you can look for dog and cat neutering services by vets.


Welcoming the newest part of your family is incredible, but at the same time, helping your dog to give birth is not an easy task for both you and the mother dog. You need to make sure they are taken care of and that they get the appropriate before and aftercare. Obtaining emergency medical products and understanding what to do can make a difference when our pet gives birth.