How Water Damage Could Result to Mold in Your Home

Probably one of the most common problems water damages brings inside our house would certainly be moisture retention because it could lead to the growth of molds if left neglected. Mold spores from the outdoors could enter our residences with windows, doors, heating and cooling vents, shoes, or pet dogs. The spores stay air-borne, and when it gets in contact with moisture that lasts for several days, it starts to grow.

How to Tell If There’s Mold in Your Home?

  • It sends out a petrichor odor, or some people would describe it as earthy or musky
  • It typically grows on damp and dark areas of the residence
  • Unlike dirt or stains, the mold remains to grow

Common Molds inside the House

These are some of the most likely to be allergy-inducing molds:

  • Alternaria– is generally white with some black areas
  • Aspergillus – is usually gray, white, or green with some black spots
  • Cladosporium– greenish, black or brown
  • Penicillium– yellow, green, or blue


You do not have to remember all the kinds of molds though, it comes in different colors, yet environment-friendly, and black should be the ones to watch out for.

Should I Get Rid of Mold in My Residence Myself?

Mold is a living thing from the fungi family; it has spores so tiny that you will need a microscope to be able to see it. And those growing inside your residence should be the root cause of your concern. Although having mold in your home does not necessarily make you unwell, it could lead to some health problems, varying from allergy-like skin breakouts to lung irritabilities.

Yes, with soap and water or various other commercial products like bleach, you can eliminate molds on your own. If you have a history of sensitivity to allergens like spores from mold or bleach products, it might be better to seek a contractor to do the task. Besides, you need to address the origin of the issue, which is moisture retention. That could be the complicated part and may require PuroClean to manage the task for permanent water elimination.

Where to Seek Molds in Home

  • Showers, bathtubs, sinks
  • Carpet, wooden flooring
  • Walls, windows
  • Basements, attics, garages
  • Vanities, kitchen cabinets


Water moisture from floods, broken pipes and heavy rainfalls could stick around to the previously mentioned lists and often be difficult for us to see. When we do, it already creates damage to our properties or has affected our health. You might examine here to read more regarding solutions and inquiries.


Water damages restoration could be pricey, but it would cost us more if we did not do anything. It can wreck our homes and hurt the health of our household or even our pets. The damage it brings is not restricted to molds; just consider it, there could be a more significant issue that may emerge. 

Good thing, though, there are companies that have the competence and experience that can handle the tasks and can recover the damaged properties, and you can easily return to normalcy. And the earlier we attend to the problems could mean that it will also save us much more in both money and time.