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Vaccines and School

Children who attend school in Ontario must be immunized against certain diseases, unless they have a valid written exemption.


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About This Site

The development of a newcomers web portal was undertaken by the City of Kingston to improve newcomer access to settlement services and information, promote the municipality as a destination for newcomers to Canada, attract and retain immigrants, and provide both newcomers and service providers with a single access point to information about settlement and immigration services in the Kingston area. The site was developed with a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration under the Municipal Immigration Information Online Program. Kingston Area Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO), Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC) and KEYS Employment Services (KEYS) were partners on the project.

Kingston Community Health Centres  KEYS Employment Services - Job Centre d'emploi  Kingston Economic Development Corporation

Many other individuals and organizations contributed to the newcomers web portal and need to be acknowledged. A steering group with representatives from the City, the three partner agencies, Queen’s University, L’Association canadienne française de l’Ontario (ACFO Mille-Îles), Conseil Economique & Social d’Ottawa (CESOC), Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) and members of the Kingston immigrant community acted as a sounding board and advisory council for the project. The contribution of ethno-cultural organizations, agencies that serve immigrants and newcomers themselves is also gratefully acknowledged.

The photos at the top of each page were taken by Wayne Hiebert. The portal was officially launched at a community celebration in Kingston City Hall on Feb. 26, 2010.

Terms and Conditions

The newcomers web portal, www.immigrationkingston.ca, is provided for information purposes only. Every effort has been made to ensure that the content is accurate and current. In the event of a discrepancy between the text published on the portal and the text that appears on a linked website, the information in the linked site should be considered the most accurate and up-to-date. The newcomers web portal is not responsible for the overall accuracy of information contained in the links; nor is it responsible for any expenses or damages incurred directly or indirectly from the use of this information.

Privacy Policy/Statement

The newcomers web portal, www.immigrationkingston.ca, respects the privacy of all visitors. The site does not automatically collect or receive personal information about its users, such as names, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, unless volunteered by the user. Any information that may be provided by users in the form of written letters, emails, surveys or telephone comments, except to address questions or problems raised by users, is not traded with or disclosed to any outside organization or website. Requests for information from users may be directed to outside organizations, primarily Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC)  or L’Association canadienne française de l’Ontario (ACFO Mille-Îles) or their delegates for the English and French sides of the website, respectively.

This privacy policy does not govern the activities of the linked parties.

The software used on the portal records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer that has contacted the site, the date and time of the visit and the pages visited. There is no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of the visitors themselves unless an attempt to damage the site is detected.

Use of "Cookies"

A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from a website to the hard drive of each visitor's computer. Cookies are used to track the number and movement of visitors to the newcomers web portal, www.immigrationkingston.ca. Any personal information that might identify a visitor, such as names and addresses, is not tracked by cookies; nor can a visitor's movements be tracked while they are navigating the site. By tracking the number of visitors and the sections of the website that draw the most interest, we aim to improve the quality of the newcomers web portal and the information provided on it.

Linking Policy

The newcomers web portal, www.immigrationkingston.ca, only links to external websites operated by the following organizations:

  • The City of Kingston and recognized committees of Kingston City Council
  • Public organizations that are receiving funding through an annual purchase of service agreement with the City of Kingston
  • Federal and provincial government departments and agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Registered non-profit organizations

The newcomers web portal, www.immigrationkingston.ca, links to external websites and, in many instances, these external sites link to other sites that do not fall within the categories specified above. The newcomers web portal, www.immigrationkingston.ca, and the City of Kingston are not responsible for the content of the linked sites or for any information, interpretation, comments or opinions expressed in them. These linked sites may or may not be available in French or other languages. Any comments or inquiries about the linked sites should be directed to the organization responsible for them.


Materials on the newcomers web portal, www.immigrationkingston.ca, were produced and compiled to provide direct access to information about immigration and settlement in Kingston, Ontario, and in Canada generally. The contents of portal are protected by the provisions of the Copyright Act and are the sole property of the City of Kingston. They cannot be duplicated without the written permission of the City or its legal representation. Duplication in whole or in part constitutes a breach in copyright.

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