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OHIP & Health Insurance

Newcomers are eligible for medical benefits under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) three months after arriving in Ontario. OHIP is publicly funded health insurance that pays for visits to the doctor, hospital and other medical services. Prescription drugs are not covered by OHIP except under certain circumstances (see Prescription Drugs below).

You should apply for an OHIP card as soon as possible to ensure you have OHIP coverage at the end of the three-month waiting period.

Private Health Care

To ensure you and your family have medical coverage during the waiting period, you will need to purchase short-term health insurance from a private company. You can do this before you arrive in Ontario or within the first few days.

If you choose not to have private coverage, you will have to pay to see a doctor or receive other medical care during the first three months. A major illness or hospital stay without health insurance coverage would be very costly.

If you are working, you may be able to obtain health insurance from a company-sponsored health insurance plan. A number of companies have insurance plans specifically for new immigrants and people without OHIP coverage. Generally, the type of coverage is for "visitors to Canada." Some insurance policies do not cover costs related to pregnancy and birth.

Interim Federal Health Care (IFH)

The Canadian government provides temporary health insurance to refugees, protected persons and refugee claimants, plus their dependents, under the Interim Federal Health Program. The insurance covers the cost of emergency medical care and other services and is only available to individuals who are not yet covered by a provincial or territorial health plan and meet certain criteria. To inquire about the Interim Federal Health Program, call 1-888-242-2100 or TTY 1-888-576-8502.

Prescription Drugs

OHIP generally does not cover the cost of prescription drugs. Some exceptions are cancer drugs and medications administered to patients in hospital.

Some employers provide private health insurance that covers part or all of the cost of most prescription drugs, depending on the plan. Workplace health insurance plans often require members to pay a small percentage of their overall drug costs, called a "co-payment."

The Ontario government has special programs to help people with exceptional prescription drug expenses. Some examples are:

  • The Ontario Drug Benefit (ODP) provides coverage for prescription drugs for senior citizens aged 65 and over, individuals on social assistance, and residents of long-term care homes.
  • The Trillium Drug Program (TDP) helps Ontario residents who have high prescription drug costs in relation to their net household income.
  • The Special Drugs Program covers the full cost of certain drugs prescribed for patients with specific health conditions.

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