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Driving without insurance is a serious offence in Canada and can result in a substantial fine.

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Police Services

The role of the police in Canada is to protect the safety and well-being of citizens and communities. Police forces investigate crimes and try to prevent them through public education programs. Police also work closely with schools and other institutions to teach people about general safety rules.

The city of Kingston has four police forces that have separate areas of responsibility but work co-operatively when needed.

  • Kingston Police — The main police force in Kingston: it provides a wide range of policing services to residents and institutions within the city.
  • Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) — It is responsible for policing certain areas of the city that are outside the jurisdiction of the Kingston Police, such as traffic control on Highway 401.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) — Canada's national police force, it works with other police forces in the Kingston area to investigate drug offences, organized crime and terrorist activities.
  • Canadian Forces Military Police — It provides military police services to Canadian Forces Base, Kingston.

If you see a crime being committed or want to report an emergency, call the emergency response number 9-1-1 and remain on the line to answer questions from the operator. You can ask for service in your own language by speaking the name in English. The 9-1-1 operators will find an interpreter who speaks your language.

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