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Many seniors in the Kingston area are members of the Rideau Trail Association, a non-profit organization that maintains a hiking trail linking Kingston to Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.

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Public Services

Canada has three levels of government — federal, provincial and municipal — that collect taxes from individuals and companies to pay for public services.

Libraries are an example of a public service. Kingston has five public libraries with books, magazines, DVDs and other materials that people can borrow at no charge. The libraries also have materials in French and other languages and computers with Internet access for public use.

Ambulances, hospital emergency rooms, fire departments, police forces and emergency shelters are examples of "emergency" public services found in most Canadian communities.

Kingston City Hall provides a number of public services, such as municipal parking garages and garbage and recycling pickup. At City Hall the public can apply for permits and official documents such as:

Information about Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston's oldest cemetery, is also available through the city (see Cemeteries).

This section has information on the types of public services and emergency services found in Kingston and the importance of being prepared for an unexpected disaster or emergency (see Disaster Preparedness & Response).

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