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Local Settlement Agencies

Many local organizations are available to help you and your family settle into life in Canada and Kingston and feel comfortable in your new community.

Kingston has two settlement agencies:

  • Association canadienne-française de l'Ontario — Conseil régional des Mille-Îles (ACFOMI) — located at Barriefield Centre, 760 Highway 15, RR 2 (northeast of Kingston)
  • Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA) — located at 263 Weller Ave.

Note: Through the Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP), both local settlement agencies provide newcomers to Canada with a welcome package that includes a variety of information plus a welcome gift from the City of Kingston. This gift includes information on city programs and services and may include a hardcopy of the online newcomers map, complementary transit passes, entertainment tickets/passes and facilities passes.

Both these agencies perform an important role in the life of newcomers. As soon as possible after arriving in the city, you should contact the nearest and most convenient agency by phone or in person (see newcomers map and/or the Community Directory links provided on the right-hand side of this page for locations and contact information). Agency staff will ask you questions about your country of origin, the date you landed in Canada and your current immigration status. Depending on your situation, you will be assigned to a settlement worker who will work closely with you and your family in the coming months.

Note: All settlement services, with the exception of the ISKA’s translation and interpretation service, are free of charge to newcomers and available in multiple languages. 

ACFOMI logo.Association canadienne-française de l'Ontario — Conseil régional des Mille-Îles (ACFOMI)

ACFOMI Immigrant Services provides a wide range of services for newcomers, starting with a welcome package.

Staff at ACFOMI Immigrant Services will:

ACFOMI Employment Services provides assistance in to job seekers who want to enter the job market and possibly change careers. They provide information on the local job market and employment agencies, and offer direct employment assistance including writing resumes, drafting cover letters, practice interviews and career counselling.

The ACFOMI office has computers with Internet access and other office equipment that can be used by the public. 

ACFOMI also maintains a French services directory, organizes an annual French Language Services Fair (La Franco-foire) and promotes local French-language events and initiatives.

Immigration Services Kingston and Area logo.Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA)

ISKA provides a wide range of services to newcomers, starting with a welcome package consisting of pamphlets, brochures and other information about ISKA, municipal programs, local government institutions and community services.

In addition to being assigned to a settlement worker for yourself, if you have children, you will also be introduced to a special settlement worker who only works with children and youth.

ISKA settlement workers will connect you with important agencies and individuals in Kingston and

  • Show you the types of accommodation available in Kingston and help you negotiate a purchase or rental agreement.
  • Assist you in opening a bank account and signing contracts with a utilities company, telephone company and home-heating provider.
  • Help you find affordable furniture, clothing and other household items and show you where the grocery and ethnic food stores are located in Kingston.
  • Find schools for your children and help you register them with the appropriate school officials.
  • Help you register for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Help you understand the health-care system and find a family doctor.
  • Introduce you to community agencies that provide language training programs.
  • Provide information about the local job market and employment agencies.
  • Assist with writing resumes, preparing for interviews and career planning.
  • Help you understand and complete any documentation associated with your immigration to Canada.
  • Arrange an appointment at a Drive Test centre for an Ontario driver's licence.
  • Help you understand your legal rights in Ontario and obtain legal services if required.
  • Connect you with a host family who will act as mentors or friends during the settlement process.
  • Provide access to translation and interpretation services as an Authorized Service Delivery Agency for Central Eastern Ontario Translation & Interpretation Services (note: a fee is collected on their behalf).

ISKA also works closely with KEYS Job Centre d’emploi (see below) and organizes social activities for new immigrants, including a men's group, women's network, youth group and sewing club that meet on a regular basis. Information sessions on different topics of interest are held twice a month at ISKA, often with guest speakers, and there are monthly cooking classes taught by newcomers and settlement workers.

KEYS Centre d'emploi logo.KEYS Job Centre d’emploi (KEYS)

KEYS provides a variety of important services to newcomers in the Kingston area. Staff at KEYS work closely with ISKA (see above) helping newcomers find jobs in the community. KEYS and ISKA share an immigrant employer specialist who helps newcomers with writing resumes and planning their careers.

In addition to job search workshops and other programs, KEYS also has a Professional Mentoring Partnership offering 3 different mentoring opportunities to best suit the needs and interests of immigrants and mentors. (See For More Information links below.)

Language training programs are another service provided by KEYS. In partnership with Literacy Kingston, the agency runs Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) programs at different levels.

KEYS also has volunteer programs for immigrant youth that run in the summer and throughout the school year.

Other organizations

Newcomers can get advice and assistance from many other organizations in Kingston that provide services to all residents, including immigrants. Some examples are:

See the Community Directory listings to the right for direct contact information and maps.

Financial assistance

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial assistance to help you settle into your new community. Programs are available through the federal government that provide financial assistance (see also Income Assistance) in the form of grants, loans, tax credits, or benefits to immigrants, refugees and protected persons.

For More Information

Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA)
Information and video about programs and settlement services available to newcomers in the Kingston area. Includes help with immigration documentation, education, language programs, meeting people, finding housing and jobs and referrals to other community services an programs. ISKA’s services are available in Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. Also available is a video detailing ISKA’s services, which is also available in other languages: Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and Farsi.

What are settlement services?
Information about settlement services in Ontario, including interpretation and translation of documents, help filling out forms and applications, language classes and job hunting. Available in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), French, Gujarati, Pilipino (Tagalog), Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Urdu.

Immigrant services in your area
An online tool for newcomers to find settlement services in their new community. Includes contact information for language assessment, general settlement assistance, language training and job hunting.

Financial assistance — Refugees
Federal financial assistance programs and loans for refugees and protected persons. The Resettlement Assistance Program can assist with the cost of accommodation, clothing, household furnishings and other living expenses for up to one year. The Immigration Loans Program provides repayable assistance loans to cover the cost of medical exams, travel documents, and travel to Canada.

KEYS Employment Services
A list of the employment services for newcomers and internationally trained individuals available through KEYS. Includes career coaching, labour market information, credential assessment, employment and training opportunities, and job search workshops for new immigrants. Also available on Facebook and Twitter, with videos on YouTube.

ACFOMI Immigrant Services
Information about programs and settlement services available to newcomers in the Kingston area. Includes employment assistance with writing resumes, drafting cover letters, and computer and Internet access.

Quinte United Immigrant Services
A translation and interpretation service based in Belleville, about 50 minutes by car west of Kingston.

Ontario Works
Temporary financial assistance is available to people in need in Kingston. Information about eligibility requirements.

After You Arrive — Services to Help You Settle
Ontario Immigration guide to finding services in your community, looking for jobs and training, improving language skills, and getting other kinds of help. Includes a checklist to follow while settling in Ontario. Available in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Urdu.

Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP)
The KIP aims to bring people and organizations together to create a Kingston where newcomers can successfully build their new lives as full members of the community. A yearly survey (in English) of immigrants to Kingston is held every fall to encourage newcomers to share their experiences of settling in Kingston.

ISKA Multicultural After School Group for 8–12 Year Olds
A once-a-week Immigration Services Kingston and Area (ISKA) after-school program for newcomer youth aged 8-12. Activities include movies, fun, games, and homework help, as well as newcomer orientation and settlement services.

ISKA Immigrant Programs
Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA) have many programs to help people connect with and become active in the community. Includes a variety of social events, ethnic cooking classes, a sewing club and a senior’s group.

ISKA Newcomer Youth Programs
Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA) has many different programs — including a youth group and homework club — geared towards newcomer youth between the ages of 13-24. A video showcasing the program is available.

Community Computer Resources
City of Kingston website listing of organizations and locations that offer free computer usage to members of the community.

Language Assessment Services — Kingston and Belleville
Official language assessment and referral office for Kingston and Belleville. Proficiencies are based on Canadian Language Benchmarks and are assessed across 5 areas: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and literacy. An assessment includes information on locations and class schedules for English language training options.

KEYS English Language Classes
Federally funded intermediate and advanced English language classes for immigrants and refugees. Includes English for work and workplace culture, academic English and TOEFL, IELTS, and CAEL test preparation skills. Also one-on-one tutouring, guest speakers, field trips, and conversation circles.

Arrive Prepared -- Settlement Online Pre-Arrival
Arrive Prepared is a website offered by Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA). It helps people who have received permanent resident status, but who are not in Canada yet. It offers free online courses and personlized sessions with an intake counsellor to go over settlement questions and be connected to local resources in Canada. SOPA is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

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