Simple Guide to Remove Mold Using Kitchen Products

Mold in an affected area may be able to be remedied using DIY methods, depending on the magnitude of the issue and the size of the impacted region. Mold has been seen to grow on a large variety of surfaces, including plastics, ceramic tile, brick and cement, wallboard, textiles, and ceilings. To be safe, it’s essential to destroy mold quickly. Mold has to be swiftly and adequately handled once it is discovered.

Natural Materials for Mold Removal

This article will aid you in your search for ways to prevent mildew and mold and increase the durability of your home. Here are the natural ways to remove mold.


White vinegar is one of the most effective natural mold-fighting cleaners around. White vinegar is widely available and relatively affordable, making it a safe choice for cleaning many different surfaces. Vinegar is most effective against mold when it is administered undiluted and used to full effect. Put the vinegar in a spray bottle, filling it halfway. 


One hour should be left after spraying the mold with vinegar. The mold will get saturated with vinegar. Scrubbing should be done after an hour to cleanse the floor. The only negative aspect is the distinct smell of vinegar. The musty smell typically disappears once mold cleanup is done. On some occasions, further deodorization is required.

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is common and abundant, which makes it found almost everywhere. A simple product, baking soda is an ingredient for many uses in different situations and has a wide range of benefits. When vinegar comes into contact with baking soda, carbon dioxide is produced. To get rid of mold, it’s possible to use baking soda or baking soda combined with vinegar.



  • Mix two teaspoons of baking soda and two cups of water in a spray bottle until it is completely dissolved.
  • Scrub the mold with a brush or a cloth.
  • Next, rinse the area with fresh water and then allow it to air dry.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural, non-toxic, mold-removing liquid with a pleasant fragrance. Its 5% acid helps get rid of mold. One may purchase either fresh lemon juice or concentrate. The substance is used to clear mold and should be used at full strength. It’s simple to put on since it may be sprayed on or scrubbed in. Clean the area with soap and water before you use lemon juice for mold treatment. After it has been cleaned, use lemon juice right away on the mold. Use a cleaning sponge or brush to clean the area immediately. Hiring a company? You can trust the experts at PuroClean with your mold removal needs.


Natural cleaners tend to be harmless and environment-friendly. They’re cheap and easy to use. In the event of a minor mold infestation, try using more gentle techniques before turning to more harsh solutions. Mold will need to replace wallboard and reclining tiles because they have likely entered in profoundly. Task-specific tools will need to be used. These significant repairs will need someone with considerable knowledge.