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The requirements and processing times for a Work Permit vary according to the type of work you will do in Canada.

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Guides & Handbooks

The following is a list of external resources on this website that feature guides and other types of basic or instructional information on a specific topic.


After You Arrive — Services to Help You Settle
Ontario Immigration guide to finding services in your community, looking for jobs and training, improving language skills, and getting other kinds of help. Includes a checklist to follow while settling in Ontario. Available in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Urdu.

Alone in Canada: 21 Ways to Make it Better – a self-help guide for single newcomers
A guide to help single newcomers adjust to living in a new society, with tips on how to overcome culture shock and isolation, cope with stress and discrimination, learn English, establish and manage new relationships and experiences. Available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, English, French, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Twi, Urdu and Vietnamese.

Automobile Insurance
A guide to understanding automobile insurance in Ontario: what to do after an accident, how to shop for auto insurance, and insurance requirements for other motorized vehicles such as motorcycles and snowmobiles. There is also an RSS newsfeed for updates and an interactive online tool to help with understanding rates.

Build ON
Prepare to work in the skilled trades in Ontario. To help you find a job, this site offers one-on-one consultations with a coach, videos and documents in English and French.

Canada Business: Starting a Business
Information about developing a business plan, buying a business, choosing a business structure, financing, and choosing a location. Includes checklists and guides for starting a business.

Canada Child Benefits (Canada Revenue Agency)
Who is eligible for the Canada Child Tax Benefit, when and how to apply, related programs and contact information.

Car Seat Safety — Children’s Health & Safety Association
Downloadable guide on how to shop and install child restraint systems, the dangers of air bags, and tips on buying new and used child safety seats.

Child Care Guide — Queens University
An introduction to child care in Kingston. Includes information on financial resources and assistance available to Queen’s faculty, staff, and students; and a list of helpful resources for parents and children covering a variety of topics.

Choose the Right Safety Seat for Your Child
An illustrated guide to choosing and installing infant car seats, toddler seats and booster seats. Includes videos of how to install each type of seat.

City of Kingston’s Emergency Services
Information on various types of emergencies — utilities disruption, extreme weather, fire, hazardous materials, human health — how the city is planning for them, how you can plan for them, and a list of who to call in case of emergency. Also includes information on personal and family (household) emergency preparedness, such as evacuation plans, go bags, etc., and a downloadable Get Ready Kingston guide.

Cycling Skills — Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling
An Ontario Government publication, this guide provides information on cycling safety, the rules of the road, and proper handing and riding techniques. It includes separate sections on cycling and the law and e-bikes.

Discover Canada, The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
An online version of the new federal government study guide available in multiple formats: in HTML and PDF; as an e-book or a mobile app; or as MP3 audio files read by notable Canadians. The guide includes chapters on applying for citizenship, Canada’s history, federal elections, Canadian symbols, and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Do you want to come to Canada, or extend your stay?
A Government of Canada online tool that will walk you through your immigration options and help you submit an online or paper application. For those who wish to come to Canada or extend their stay.

Get your credentials assessed
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) information on why and how to get your credentials assessed. Includes details on the requirements needed to immigrate to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker, also on requirements specific to study in Canada or to work at certain jobs or trades in Canada. Also includes links to various organizations and levels of government involved in the credential assessment process.

Goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) — for businesses
General and specific information for businesses about the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), rebates, and important dates. Includes a variety of information and tools, including a calculations table for GST/HST, a list of e-services (online service options) and a series of videos for small businesses that explain about GST/HST, payroll, and preparing T4 and T4A information slips.

Government of Canada Job Bank
Overview about working in Canada. Includes links to information on government, wages, taxes, important documents, challenges, and rights as well as videos and guides. Also features a number of useful tools for researching the demand and outlook for different occupations in locations across Canada as well as listing existing job opportunities.

Growing Up in a New Land: A Guide for Newcomer Parents
Guide for newcomer parents of young children containing information on many subjects related to parenting in Canada, such as: taking care of yourself as parents, helping your child learn and understand Canadian culture, and keeping your child healthy and safe. Also includes information on additional services for newcomers.

Invest in Ontario — Business Resources
A variety of references and tools on Ontario's investment opportunities — from fact sheets to maps, to downloadable brochures, videos and information on government programs. Some publications are provided in alternate languages such as French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

KFL&A Public Health: Car Seat Safety
Downloadable brochure on child car seat safety: when and how to use the different types of seats and tips on how to install them. Includes a list of resources and contact information.

Kingston Economic Development
Information about Kingston for visitors, residents and potential employers. Includes maps, visitor services, and a calendar of events.

Kingston Economic Development (KED)
Information for businesses about the Kingston labour market, available properties, support services, programs and resources.

Kingston’s Affordable Cost of Living
Information to help Queen’s University faculty and staff calculate the cost of living in the Kingston community.

Learn English or French
Information on improving language skills before and after you arrive in Canada, where to study, and language training for school and work. A downloadable guide is available in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Urdu. There is also a “Find a Language Class” online search tool.

Learn English or French — Improving your Language Skills
Includes information on improving language skills before and after arrival in Canada, where to study, and language training for school and work. Available in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Urdu.

Learn to work safe
Training tools to help you learn how to work safely – several available in different languages.

My First Days: A Guide to Your First Two Weeks in Ontario
Information about arriving in Ontario, housing health, employment, education, legal services, and consumer information. Includes a Welcome to Canada checklist and a chapter entitled Next Steps. Available in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Pilipino (Tagalog), Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Newcomers’ Guide to Elementary School
The guide has information on getting ready for school, learning English, school procedures, education policies, report cards, parent-teacher interviews, provincial testing, and helping your child adjust to a new school.

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
Sets out the rights and duties of workers, supervisors, employers and others for safe and healthy workplaces.

Ontario Tax System: Credits, Benefits and Incentives
A guide to understanding Ontario tax credits, who can claim them, and the difference between refundable and non-refundable credits. Includes an online tax credit calculator tool.

Planning to work in Canada? An essential workbook for newcomers
Foreign Credentials Referral Office workbook/guide with information about living and working in Canada (listed under the “Credential recognition” subcategory). It includes information on languages, finding a job, work-related documents and education/academic credentials.

Provincial Offenses Court and Administration Office
Operated by the City of Kingston on behalf of the City and Frontenac County this court processes Provincial Offence charges — these are noncriminal offences including speeding, careless driving and other driving infractions, liquor offences, and trespassing. The office accepts payment for charges; schedules trials; processes applications, pleas, extensions, and appeals; and enforces and collects outstanding fines. A brief set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is included, as are downloadable guides in French and English and other court process-related documents. There is also an online link to the City’s online payment service (for fines), however that service is only available in English.

Rack and Roll
Information and instructions on how to use Kingston Transit’s Rack and Roll. All City buses have a bike rack on the front of the bus for use by cyclists. Cyclists riding Kingston Transit can place their bike on the bus rack for the duration of their trip. This gives bus passengers the flexibility to both cycle and ride the bus, as needed, to reach their destination.

Renew a G driver’s licence: 80 years and over
A step-by-step guide to renewing an Ontario’s driver’s licence after the age of 80. Includes information about vision tests, written tests, road tests, group education sessions and other requirements. There is also a link to a downloadable guide of suggested programs for older drivers.

ServiceOntario: One-Source for Business
All the information and forms you need to set up and run a business in Ontario. Includes details on greening your business, selling to government, obtaining financing, filing taxes, and much more. Also includes online tools and wizards for financing and permits and licensing, as well as a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Sexual Health Clinic
Free counselling, testing, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Women under 19 also have access to birth control and pregnancy testing. Services include general drop-in clinics, special teen clinics, and a confidential phone line. Factsheets and other informational resources on sexual health are available for download.

Special Education (Educational Services)
Information on the Limestone District School Board’s approach to special education. Includes an overview of the general philosophy, service delivery model, and tiered approach. Also includes links to pages and resources with more detailed information, such as the IPRC (Identification, Placement and Review Committee) Guide.

Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know
Information about what to expect during the first few weeks in Canada. In addition to information on Canadian laws and health care, it also includes how to find a place to live, get around your new city, work and go to school, and how to connect with your community and get help settling in Canada. The guide is available as a downloadable PDF or eBook as well as in print (hardcopy) upon request.

Winter Driving — Be Prepared, Be Safe!
Downloadable booklet with details about winter driving conditions. Contains helpful information about driving safely and winter road maintenance practices. Videos with tips are also available.

Working in Ontario — Trades in Ontario
An overview of the recognized trades in Ontario and which ones require certification. Includes information about Bridge Training Programs to help foreign workers move into the labour market more quickly and where they are offered. Also includes career maps, which are detailed step-by-step certification guides, for a number of trades; and a set of downloadable factsheets on trades that require certification (mandatory trades).

Working in Ontario — Work in Your Profession
Ontario government website with information on how to work in your profession. Includes information on Bridging programs, educational requirements, certification and accreditation. Includes a link to a PDF document in 15 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Urdu.


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