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Training & Apprenticeships

A licence or Ontario certification may be required to work in a particular trade or area of expertise (see Credential Evaluation). Newcomers to Canada may need additional education or training before they can work in their new community or pursue a career in their chosen field.

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to complete a high school diploma, enrol in a post-secondary program, train for a trade or pursue an apprenticeship. Some trades have apprenticeship opportunities that allow individuals to work in a skilled trade or occupation while they learn the trade from more experienced workers. Co-op diploma apprenticeship programs are offered by some Ontario colleges and allow you to get apprenticeship training while earning a college diploma.

Internships are another way to gain work experience in Canada. The Ontario Public Service, for example, sponsors a program that allows internationally trained professionals to get six months of paid work experience in a variety of fields, including finance, chemistry, communications, business administration and environmental sciences (see For More Information links below). Internships are often available in the private sector as well.

There are many organizations in Kingston that help newcomers obtain training, skills and work experience (see the Community Information links provided on the right-hand side of this page).

Kingston also has many private career colleges for those who need to take a short training course or upgrade their skills.

For More Information

Apprenticeship Grants
Information on available Service Canada apprenticeship grants for financial assistance.

Skills Training, Professional Development and Lifelong Learning
KED listing of various educational institutions, including private career colleges in Kingston.

Ontario Bridge Training
A type of training program designed to help newcomers get a licence or certificate in their profession or trade so they can work in Ontario. These programs provide internationally educated professionals with: an assessment of their education and skills against Ontario employer expectations; Canadian clinical/workplace experience; skills/academic training; preparation for licencing and/or certification; profession-specific language training; and individual learning plans. Mentoring opportunities may also be offered. Note that bursaries and tuition assistance may be available for bridge training.

Employment Ontario — I’m new to Ontario
Ontario government guide to working in Ontario, becoming certified in a trade, improving literacy, math, basic skills, and English- and French-speaking skills.

Global Experience Ontario
A provincial government service that helps internationally trained and educated people find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario. Includes information on how to get licensed to work in a trade, academic credential assessment, bridging programs and other services.

Red Seal, Provincial & Territorial Contacts
A directory of provincial and territorial departments responsible for education, labour and training under the interprovincial Red Seal program.

Apprenticeship Training
Information about apprenticeship training and scholarships offered by the Ontario government and a searchable directory of apprenticeship offices in the province.

Trades and Apprenticeship — Apprenticeship Grants
Information about apprenticeship incentive and completion grants, the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal program, and tax credits for tradespeople.

Ontario Public Service (OPS) Internship Program for Internationally Trained Individuals
An Ontario government program that allows internationally trained individuals to participate in an internship placement with the Ontario Public Service.

Pathways to apprenticeship
A directory of programs that provide apprenticeship training in Ontario.

Community Living Kingston and District
A community employment resource center for people with disabilities. Also provides volunteer opportunities and student placement for those wishing to work with people with disabilities. Also available on Facebook.

Apply for the Federal Internship for Newcomers Program (FIN)
Canadian government program providing newcomers with temporary Canadian work experience and training opportunities with federal government departments and other public and private sector organizations. Internships are offered in categories such as: policy, administration, project management, computer science, communications and science. Includes details of who is eligible and how to apply.

Ontario Bridge Training — Success Stories
Videos showing the success stories of immigrants in a variety of occupations helped by Ontario’s bridging programs. Includes an optometrist, a social worker, a nurse, and a teacher.

Planning to work in Canada? An essential workbook for newcomers
Foreign Credentials Referral Office workbook/guide with information about living and working in Canada (listed under the “Credential recognition” subcategory). It includes information on languages, finding a job, work-related documents and education/academic credentials.

Determine your eligibility – Skilled Trades
A subcategory of the Express Entry skilled immigrant immigration program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program is specific to those individuals who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade. Only certain skilled trades are eligible for this program and individuals must meet all federal job requirements for that trade, plus the certification requirements as set out by the province/territory where they will work. Note that eligible trades may have annual overall application caps and that other criteria may be subject to change without notice.

Caregiver Program
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) information on this immigration program and the three streams available under it: the Caring for Children Pathway, the Caring for People with High Medical Needs Pathway, and the Live-in Caregiver Program. Includes links to details on the requirements for eligibility, the process of applying, and next steps for each stream. The Live-in Caregiver Program stream also has a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), including the rights of live-in caregivers under Canadian labour and employment laws.

Personal Support Worker Program — LDSB
Provided by the Limestone District School Board (LDSB), this program is for people seeking to enter the health care field as a Personal Support Worker. These individuals provide personal health care services in community settings or long term care facilities. This is a provincially accredited program and enrolment is limited.

Learn to work safe
Training tools to help you learn how to work safely – several available in different languages.

Loyola School of Adult Learning
Loyola School of Adult Learning – offers a wide range of programs for the adult learner returning to school. At Loyola, you can earn your Ontario School Diploma, become a Personal Support Worker, upgrade for a college program, improve your English, update your computer skills, develop your literacy and numeracy skills and more.

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