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Sir John A. MacDonald, credit Queen's University Archives

Cataraqui Cemetary

Canada’s first prime minister Sir John A. Macdonald is buried at Cataraqui Cemetery, as are a number of other local dignitaries.

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There are many ways to move around Kingston. The municipal transit system runs a network of bus routes throughout the city, and many Kingston residents walk or bicycle. Taxis are also readily available and many people drive cars.

Child safety seats and boosters are mandatory in Ontario. See the Transporting Children section for more information on this subject.

Some options for getting around Kingston:

  • Bikes & e-Bikes — Information on bicycles and cycling in Kingston.
  • Cars & Driving — All about driving in Ontario. Includes information on driving laws; obtaining a driver's licence, driver's insurance, licence plates and validation stickers; the Drive Clean program; parking and parking tickets.
  • City Bus — Information on Kingston's municipal public transportation services. Includes information and links on rural service, passengers with disabilities, fee assistance, payment methods and bus schedules.
  • Taxis — Information on taxi companies and services in Kingston.
  • Walking — Details on walking as transportation and for pleasure in Kingston.

There are also many methods of travelling outside Kingston and between cities, including driving, train, bus, or ferry. Kingston also has an airport with shuttle flights to Toronto.

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