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Universities & Colleges

Many students leave high school and go on to post-secondary education at a university or college of applied arts and technology.

  • Universities offer a wide range of arts and science programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels that can lead to bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. Universities also offer professional programs such as medicine and law.
  • Colleges prepare students for careers in business, technology, health and applied arts. They also offer apprenticeships and skills training programs. Some colleges also offer courses that lead to bachelor degrees.

Some universities and colleges offer co-operative education programs (Co-ops) that alternate periods of academic study with periods of work experience in a student's preferred field.

Many universities and colleges also offer continuing and distance education courses and programs. These courses are open to international students, but some are only available to students living in Canada.

Students who attend college and university must pay tuition fees and meet admission requirements for their specific program. Tuition and admission requirements vary according to the school and program. Most post-secondary institutions charge higher fees for non-Canadian students.

Most universities and colleges accept international students into their programs. Full time students require a Student Visa (Study Permit). A language assessment of English reading, writing and speaking skills may be necessary.

Kingston is home to two universities — Queen's University and Royal Military College — and a community college — St. Lawrence College — that welcome students from countries all over the world.

For More Information

Go to College or University in Ontario
General overview for students applying to Ontario colleges and universities. Information on finding a school, admission standards, tuition assistance options, and credit transfers. Includes information on private career colleges, French-language institutions, apprenticeships, and studying abroad.

Find a College
A directory of colleges in Ontario.

Find A University
A directory of Ontario universities.

Colleges & Universities in Kingston
A general overview of courses and enrolment at Queen’s University, Royal Military College and St. Lawrence College.

Study in Ontario —Postsecondary Education in Ontario: Our Colleges and Universities
An interactive online map directory of Ontario’s universities and community colleges.

French-language colleges and universities
Where to go to study at a bilingual or French-language college or university in Ontario. Includes a list of Ontario post-secondary schools that offer French language education. Also provides an overview of the Ontario-Quebec Health Study program, which is designed to train professionals to deliver health services in French in Ontario.

Queen’s University International Centre
A list of resources and support services to help Queen’s University faculty and students, and their families, settle in Kingston.

About Co-op Programs
An overview of co-operative education, including information on how it works, benefits, supervision and tax credits.

St. Lawrence College, International Students
Information on programs and how international students may apply. Online viewable informational books are available in multiple languages: Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German and Vietnamese. International informational sessions on college programs are held in cities around the world. The college also has Facebook and Renren pages.

Study in Ontario — International Students
Information for international students interested in going to College or University in Ontario. Includes details on choosing a school and how to apply; what qualifications and admissions are required; getting credentials evaluated; and what tuition assistance options (scholarships, bursaries, and loans) are available. Also includes information on working on- and off-campus and work permits for students and post-graduates; obtaining university health insurance; bringing a spouse or a child; and options for living and working in Canada permanently. A video is also available.

Queen’s University School of English
Queen's University School of English (QSoE), founded in 1942, offers international students a variety of English language (ESL) programs, including intensive academic English, short-term and tailored programs. Students choose to study at QSoE for many different reasons such as university preparation, to learn English for work, or to experience Canadian culture. The rich socio-cultural program helps the students with cultural adaptation and allows them to practice English language skills outside of their classroom.

Students: Welcome!
Section of City of Kingston website with specific and seasonal information for postsecondary students making or planning to make Kingston their home.

KIP “Call Kingston Home” Movie — College Student
This video profiles a young student who chose to study accounting at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. She discusses her experiences living in Kingston—what she loves, what she has had to adapt to, and why she thinks it is a great home for immigrants in Canada. This Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) video is in Mandarin (Chinese) with English subtitles.

KIP “Call Kingston Home” Movie — Real Estate Agent
This video profiles a local real estate agent discussing what makes Kingston special and why she chose it as the home for her and her family. She talks about taking an intensive English-language program at Queen’s University and studying real estate at St. Lawrence college, local community groups, and what it means to her to call Kingston home. This Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) video is in Spanish with English subtitles.

KIP “Call Kingston Home” Movie — University Professor
This video profiles an Indian immigrant who came to Kingston to do post-doctoral research in cancer drug discovery at Queen’s University. Now a professor in the Department of Biochemistry, he discusses why he chose Kingston as the new home for him and his young family. This Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) video is in English with no subtitles.

SHAD Uncommon Purpose Scholarship Program
This is a 4 week summer enrichment scholarship program for secondary school (high school) students currently completing grade 10, 11, or 12 or the international equivalent. Students spend a month living in universities across Canada (including Kingston!). The program focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), with a strong entrepreneurship component.

Stay in Canada after graduation
The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allows students who have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution to stay and work in Canada and gain valuable Canadian work experience. Skilled Canadian work experience helps graduates qualify for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) immigration program. Criteria, requirements, and how to apply for this work permit are addressed. Includes a video on the Canadian Experience Class immigration stream for students.

Frequently Asked Questions: Studying in Canada
A FAQ with details on study permits and work permits for students. What is required to study in Canada, the process to obtain the required permits, and what are some study and immigration options available to students.

St. Lawrence College Internationally Trained Immigrant Advising Service
An advisor program providing internationally trained immigrants with credential assessment and information on options for postsecondary programs and courses, language programs, and bridging programs. This service can also help with funding for education and retraining and referrals to community resources and services.

Queen’s AMS Student Clubs
Queen’s Queen’s University Alma Mater Society (AMS)-affiliated student clubs listing. Includes links to full profiles of each club, Club workshops, and a newsletter.

QUIC Calendar of Events
Includes club events, as well as other programs put on or promoted by the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC).

QUIC Associated Clubs
Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) has various associated clubs and organizations, each of which has membership open to international and Canadian students. Clubs are organized by geographic regions, religious groups, or social action interests.

Global Talent, Local Business 2014: International Students Succeed in Kingston
A Kingston Immigration Partnership (KIP) initiative, this document profiles 11 current and former international students in Kingston. Coming from various countries, including Egypt, Pakistan, China, India, Mexico, Nigeria and France — and often by way of even more countries — they all chose to pursue their education in Canada. Representing a range of fields such as electrical engineering, pharmacy, marketing, education, economics, accounting, construction, energy management, and sales, these individuals — both those who are still studying and those who have transitioned to full-fledged careers — are actively involved in making Kingston their home.

Study in Canada
Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) overview for what you need to know to study in Canada. Includes an online searchable directory of Canadian colleges and universities and links to other useful resources. Also provides specifics on foreign credential evaluation and recognition in Canada, including a number of fact sheets.

Get a student work permit
Government of Canada information about student work permits for working on campus, off campus, as a co-op student or intern, or after graduation. Includes information on helping your spouse or common-law partner find work while you study.

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